Tuesday, December 27, 2011

If Life is a Game... These are the Rules Movie

If Life is a Game... These are the Rules Movie: Have you ever thought..."I wish life came with an instruction manual"? That's why the 10 Rules for Being Human are so important. They answer the fundamental question...What is the purpose of life?

In light of losing a childhood friend this December, losing a beloved Fire Chief on Christmas Eve and a blogger friend losing her father on that very same day, this came to me in my email box this morning. I found it so appropriate since I have been pondering "what is the purpose of this life if we have to lose someone we care about"? Life isn't easy to understand, that's for sure. But, questions always do seem to get answered if we just listen. And those mirrors that reflect in others what needs fixing in me? Yes, they exist. I am working on mine. Perhaps these rules will help someone else out there. I guess the trick is to really "see" what needs fixing. And to really see that it needs fixing! And then, to start fixing!! And why wait until the New Year to begin...start today, this second, this NOW.


  1. Aw glad to have you back, friend. Hope your time away with friends and family have been good and that you have savoured the joy that comes with this time of the year. Love to you!

    I'll take a look at the movie :)

  2. nice...i think there should be rules for being human...maybe we could pass them out occassionally as a reminder...smiles...hope you had a great christmas

  3. I'm sorry you're having a tough time these holidays. Sending you love and light.

  4. This so reminded me of Richard Bach's "Illusions". Probably my favorite book of all time. Thanks for visiting this morning...left you a reply over an my place....

  5. loss is so very hard
    my heart ached for Uma so much
    she is such a dear one
    Funny how we get attached to fellow bloggers
    how we like them like friends...they are friends
    ...as you have become to me
    I have had many losses this year also...though not of my family...but close friends and other's children...it is tough stuff of living
    Rules....I would like to see this movie


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