Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Santa Barbara continued

Outside of the bookstore area at University of California Santa Barbara

Some of the rooms in the art department. What a view! It would be hard to study art every day.

Another view from the same art building.

The clock tower that chimes every hour on the hour. I found it pleasant to hear.

Another building right on the cliffs. 

Outside the Events Center.

Ready for some summer movies? Sci-Fi?

A "sea" of bikes!

Not your mother's Huffy! But still old-school looking.

Art around campus. Kinetic sculpture moves when the winds blow off the ocean. 

Bronze sculpture.

Pelicans in the lagoon. 

More wild life but of a different variety. Do you think this is a class? I wouldn't doubt it.

A ballet class moving across campus.

And the real reason why students come to UCSB----the surf! Before...

And after.


  1. kinda glad i did not go there...as i would have gotten nothing done...ha...beautiful place....

  2. My girlfriend went to UCSB in the 60's. She loved it. Now I can see why. Wish I had taken the same path. Beautiful!