Sunday, November 11, 2012


I feel so lucky to have a piece of my art published on Seth Apter's blog Seth explains what the collaborative art project is better than I can explain it here but basically, he sent an open invitation to artists to contribute to his project with certain perameters. Some entered all 3, some did not. And some were selected for the magazine article that was published (and available on bookstands currently) and some did not. I was not one of the ones selected for the magazine but what a thrill to see my piece on his blog this morning! Just a different level of acceptance I suppose. I am so thankful to Seth for all that he does for the art community. If you haven't been following him or don't know anything about him...go check him, his work, and the work of others he supports each month at his blog. He is currently holding an auction for Hurrican Sandy victims! Thank you Seth!

 This is the piece that I entered. It is nice to see it on his blog since one of the requirements of entereing his "call for art" was that we would not get the piece (s) back. I guess I have always had a hard time "releasing" my art. I tend to want to hold onto it for some reason (I think I know the reasons but too long and involved to discuss here) so this was a great project for me to do because I had to relinquish everything: the art, the possibility of "acceptance", the meaning of the art itself, and on and on. In more ways than one I thank Seth for this opportunity.


  1. so very cool...and what an is a very cool there somewhere else that you post more of your art?

  2. I visiting from Seth's link to your art blog.
    I agree with how hard it is to let go of something we poured our spirit into. Beautiful piece and post.

  3. Seth is a kind and considerate guide to our personal journeys. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart