Saturday, July 13, 2013

Second Trip to Schaffer's Mill

What I could see from my car without being too obvious.

From my car window, I could see that the windows were being installed.

Glare from my car window but you can see the roof line and some of the windows.

This is the front of the house with the big glass windows that face the street.

A view of the golf course which is behind the house.

This is the Donner Monument in the town of Truckee. 

A view of Donner Lake from the Old Highway, The mountains behind are in the east.

This is a shot of the bridge on the Old Highway. I hear that it is a pretty famous bridge even though I have never seen it and I have never travelled on the Old Highway before.

Some of the granite that you see everywhere in this area. It is quite impressive!

More of the same granite formations farther up the road.

In this shot you can see the covered train tunnels that protect the train and tracks in the winter when the mountains are covered in snow.

Some wildflowers I saw by the side of the road.

Another shot looking east where you can see the size of the lake. Schaffer's Mill would be at the far end of the lake in the valley before you go over the mountains in the distance.

Another shot of the granite cliffs where you can see how small the automobiles appear at the bottom of the picture.

A wonderful shot of the bridge with Donner Lake in the background. This is some beautiful country and to think that it is only about an hour away from my home! How lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place. Truly spectacular!

                                                        Albert Einstein


  1. wow...what a beautiful place to visit...what much to take in...

  2. Hi dear,

    Just dropping in to peep at the happenings.

    You must visit Maine someday.



  3. I know. I go on vacation and travel far beyond my part of California and then I realize how beautiful my own "backyard" is. This area, the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the beautiful lakes are "Truly spectacular" and we are very lucky to live here.
    Nice photos.