Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The essence of excitement is enthusiasm--whose root meaning is quite profound: "moved by something extraordinary, even divine."

Today, I was moved by the play of shadows on every-day things I saw as I walked in the park. The shadow play on these things thrilled me and got me excited. 

Take a stand for a life that's got some juiciness in it!!
(excerpted from "just ONE thing" by Rick Hanson, PhD)


Acorn on table..a meal perhaps?

Two acorns oppose, each in their tracks.

What was once up is down...a tree nonetheless?

Which leaf do I pick up, which leaf is the best?

This tractor is silent while sun starts to flee.

A bench? A table? Which do you see?

A shadow, a sign, waiting for me.

The fence in the shadows still keeps me at bay.

The shadow of bench allows me to stay.


  1. the first acorn looks so much bigger than itself...perspective....just as the bench's shadow makes it look much bigger as well...

  2. A sunny fall afternoon - yes the shadows are extraordinary - long shadows and golden light - before the hues of blues beset us for months to come.

  3. I've had wonderful walks like that
    good for you for noticing lights and darks
    ...an artist's eye sees them everywhere