Thursday, April 19, 2012


Sometimes the simplest things can make the best play things...and art.

Isn't it great how Natalie can take something as simple as a balloon...

paint on it, name it "Boy",

and have a whole lot of fun? There is so much to learn from children, isn't there! No need for fancy, expensive stuff in our lives. Just a couple of colored pens, a balloon, and IMAGINATION!!
IMAGINATION is the key to happiness, success in life, fulfillment, and a whole host of other attributes. IMAGINATION and memory have been shown to be affected by one another. 
Let "Balloon Boy" take you someplace you might not have imagined today.


  1. I think a lot of current toys, video games, etc..., really take away from the development of the imagination.

  2. smiles...i love kids...they always brighten my day...well almost

    1. I love this and what you have written. It amazing how the simplest objects can, with a little imagination, become ART.
      I truly believe that using your imagination increases your brain's capacity. Maybe it's the cure for Alzheimer's and dementia.
      Love Balloon Boy!

  3. My middle daughter, when bored on the sidelines of her sister's games when she was little, used to find sticks and make them into little people and talk, talk, talk them. I remember once stepping over her little village of stick people and stones and had I not heard her chattering, I would have walked through it unaware. Precious. Love balloon-boy's expression.

  4. yes, children have so much free imagination.. and they are happy with the box and wrapping paper..and the simplest things to play with.