Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Over the weekend I walked outside to say goodbye to my girls and glanced over in the yard to find that nature had delivered me a wonderful gift while I wasn't looking...the cactus was blooming in June!

I recently purchased a card that says "May the little blessings that flutter through your day.....decide to stay". Exactly! Each day is filled with tiny miracles, tiny blessings. We just only have to open our eyes to see them otherwise they might just wither and die before we have the time to enjoy them. This is true of every aspect of life, isn't it? Enjoy the tiny moments. They are all we really have, these NOW's!!

I know I don't want to miss these miracles that are right in front of me each day. Expect a miracle!


  1. nice...the cactus blooms are beautiful...and i like that card...the little blessings i am glad you noticed. smiles

  2. oh I love a new unexpected bloom!

  3. Such beautiful flowers. I've never seen a cactus in bloom...lovely.

  4. I love the paintbrushes hanging...and as for the flower, it was a present waiting for you. Days like that I want to hug everything, gather up the day and bury my face in it.

  5. From the plainest of plants comes the most beautiful of flowers!
    They are a surprise and we all love surprises.