Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Every year since I was in my early twenties, my friend at the time, Alice and I used to have a bet who would be the first to hear (or see) the birds flying south. Each year we would each try to be the first one to call the other and say "I saw them". That went on for years and years and it got to be a real competition with the two of us too.

Alice moved away to a town much farther north in California than I am located here. I would imagine being farther north one would see them that much sooner. But Alice and I lost touch years ago after she moved and I haven't talked to her since. That doesn't mean that I still don't think about her...or the competition between the two of us both Fall and Spring when the birds fly in either direction to go either north or south.

Today, as I was sitting outside on the back deck enjoying my vacation and some quiet time, I heard their distant call in the air. I ran inside and got my camera and this was about as good a photo as I could get spur of the moment. But, who cares? Just having the photo helps me mark the day...September 26, 2012...when I first heard the sounds of what has become known to me as a distant reminder of the up-coming season. These were the first of the season for me. Perhaps there have been others who arrived earlier but as far as I can tell (or hear) these were the first of many more to follow.

Happy First-of -the-Season, Alice. Did I win this year or did you? I guess I'll never know. In my mind, I won (until proven differently).


  1. Why don't you try looking her up online? She may even have a blog and that way you can communicate. What a great picture you took. Great memories too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. memories...and a fun game...have a kid that i had in my youth group like 8 years ago and we send each other mothers day cards every year...quirky fun