Monday, October 1, 2012


Last week while on our usual daily walk in the morning, we noticed that someone had taken one of our neighbor's signs out of the ground, bent it all up, and threw it up in a ditch far from his driveway. We retrieved it and placed it on his front porch but we were not able to talk to him and tell him what we had noticed. A few days later, we noticed another sign had been placed, this time with an American flag beneath it and a small little note was attached to the top right-hand corner with the words on it that read: 

"Secret message inside"

Well, the curiosity was just too much so we opened the note to see what the secret message inside was. And it said "I forgive you". That's all. Just forgiveness!

Isn't it incredible in this day and age and living in a country that we profess to be "free" that a person is not allowed to place a sign with their own political preference on their own property? Granted, it is there, right on the road, for everyone who passes to notice but that's exactly the point, isn't it? We should be allowed to voice our opinions and preferences about whatever we choose, as long as it isn't harming someone else. And most amazing to me is that despite the hatred that was exhibited by the person (or persons) who just could not stand the fact that someone might have a different opinion than them, they are still forgiven. Maybe not forgotten, but forgiven. That is the real message in this.


  1. That's great. I'm so glad you shared that.

  2. A wonderful message in this post. We are all free to choose here in America.

  3. i like the hidden message in this...and free speech is def not free...not when it comes to speaking out for would you believe in...i am glad this person has the right heart...

  4. What a wonderful post. I hope they will leave this one alone. I have seen the Fiat, to me it looks like traveling Jellybean. If you get one I hope you will post a photo of it.