Wednesday, October 3, 2012


When Autumn rolls around, it's all about the colors of the season that really make me happy. Each year I buy a new pumpkin for my collection and try to display them in a wonderful arrangement someplace in the house. This year with the baby being mobile it has made it more of a challenge for me but I put things up so that we could enjoy them and so could she.

 I love these pumpkins heads with bodies and also try and find a new unique one each year to add to my collection. The second one from the left is my new purchase this year. I love the black and white stripes on this one's head and stand. And he has some glittery head-dress too.

Yesterday the baby was not feeling well but she still manages to keep herself entertained---this time with her tissue. I guess you have to try to learn to blow your own nose at some point, right?

And to add to the "colors", yesterday our new rugs were delivered and we placed them in the living room. I love the Folk Art and the vibrant colors. Some might think a bit "too" much color but all those colors make me happy. Really happy!

And what could be better to be happy about and smile than losing a tooth? Natalie's smile could pass for a Jack O'Lantern, don't you think...what with that crooked top tooth and all?
Happy Autumn colors to you all. I hope you are all smiling!


  1. ooo i like the new rub....the pumpkin heads are really cool as well....that smile tells me she is loving it...ha

  2. Nothing cheers me up like a child's smile - this one sure did the trick. I think your lovely rug would, too.