Tuesday, May 12, 2009


B and I each packed a suitcase this morning and loaded them up into the car and hit the road. We are way up north in Yreka, California, land of Mt. Shasta and a place dear to our hearts since we both lived here before we got married and then settled down in the Foothills.

It was good driving around and looking at all the familiar sites although most stores are shut down now and some of the places that we used to know have fallen into disrepair. I guess you "can never go back" like the old saying goes. But, it's good seeing the beautiful scenery and just getting away.

So, no pictures tonight as I forgot to bring the cord to download photos to my computer but I will post some when I return home (if I ever do!). I just might decide to stay on vacation forever. Not a bad idea really. That was supposed to be the plan when I heard the word "retirement" but it simply just has not materialized. And, it was YEARS before what most people consider the time to do that. The best made plans of mice and men, right?


  1. I used to work with some photographers from Mt. Shasta, and I've always been curious about the area. I hope you have a lovely get-away!

  2. M---I think you would LOVE it here. It is tall, tall mountains, lush green valleys, horse, cows, many beautiful barns, and the wonderful sounds of birds when you open up your window in the car as you are driving slowly. The moment I got out of the car, the smell of the place came right back to me. I was on 22 when we moved here and they are such fond memories of being young, in love, and basking in the warm, summer sun. Nothing like the sense of smell to take you right back. I hope that some of my pictures turn out good enough to post when I get home.


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