Saturday, May 16, 2009


These images are all from the Museum in Ft. Jones, in the Scott Valley. Someone went to a lot of work to build this wall with all sorts of rocks and stones. Since I absolutely LOVE rocks and stones (I pick them up everywhere we go and bring them home--I have a huge collection of heart-shaped rocks that I find in my travels) I found it very interesting to look at this wall closely. I don't ever remember this building being there when we lived there, but then, I was younger and probably not interested in walls or buildings then. Funny how your interests change (refine?) as you get older and the simplest things are the things that you can get most excited about. I like that about getting older.

In these photos you will see a Geo cache inside of the millstone. I actually took it out and signed it since I have heard about these Geo caches from people who have GPS instruments in their cars. Also, you will see a big round stone that looks like a bowling ball. Maybe it even is. I'm not quite sure what it is even though I tapped it with my finger and it felt and sounded like a rock. You will also see grinding stones and implements. You can tell I was very interested in all the different stones and the shapes they took via someone's hands. I think it really is a work of art to fit all these stones in and to make an interesting arrangement of them all.


  1. oh wow, i absolutely love this place, also being a big fan of rocks!

  2. I liked what you said about enjoying the simple things as you age. Me too. There are many gifts in this part of life, to help offset the other things.

  3. oh my, this wall... rock heaven. : )

  4. The close ups of this amazing wall are making my heart race! I'm another collector who brings home rocks and pebbles from wherever we go.


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