Monday, September 28, 2009


This is just a preview of what is to come from Fall in Northern California. This photo was taken in Grass Valley, which is located on Historic Highway 49. This is Gold Country, where gold was originally discovered by the 49ers. The original site for gold discovery is located a bit south of here in a town called Coloma. Marshall discovered gold here originally and started the whole gold rush. We don't live too far away from Coloma; in fact you can get there in approximately one-half hour and it is situated along the American River.

This photo is in Grass Valley across the road from the Empire Mine State Park. It is a glorious park and I will have to make another trip up there one of these Fall days to take photos of all the great rock walls and Fall colors that are just now starting to make themselves known for this season.

Isn't it great getting to see different parts of the country via other people's blogs? I just love what I see every day. It is like a history lesson each and every day thanks to all of you out there with your cameras. Thanks for showing me what I need to see and what I can't get to, at least I have been exposed via all your hard work and eyes for details. Good job, everyone!


  1. Lovely pic. I really enjoy seeing bits of the world from bloggers' points of view.

  2. Love the photo. It really is neat to see the seasons through everyone else's eyes. Thanks for your view.