Friday, April 15, 2011


Last year sometime, B and I started discussing the possibility of selling our house and moving. We have lived here for almost 38 years so it was a really big decision for us to make. We talked about it last year but never made a definitive decision regarding it.

At the end of the year, I attended a Burning Bowl Ceremony at my church where everyone writes down things that they want to give up in their lives. You take it outside on New Year's Eve, light it on fire, and everything that has held you back or has a negative connotation in your life is metaphorically "burned up" and is out of your life. Then, you come back inside and write down your "intentions" for the new year. Some people call these New Year's Resolutions; we call them intentions.

When your list in complete, you seal it up in an envelope, address it to yourself, and it is held in a safe spot until the following year, when in November your "intention" list is mailed back to you and it is quite amazing to see all that has come true. I would say that last year probably 80% of my list actually came true. I even specifically asked for this: "To welcome in a new grandchild, loved and healthy, with happy, loving parents." And that was December of 2009. My daughter found out she was pregnant in August of 2010 and due in May of 2011. I had no idea that they were even discussing the possibility of having a baby. Amazing is all I can say! And so the story unfolds.

When I sealed up the envelope, I was thinking really hard about our discussions regarding moving and so I decided that I would leave it in the hands of the universe to decide. I wrote on the outside of my envelope "Please forward".

On my intention list also was this: "...if it is meant for us to move, that the prospects for a new house are incredible with a good price for our home." We listed our house just before the Super Bowl, despite all we had heard that "no houses ever sell until after the Super Bowl."

One weeknight we received a call from an agent who wanted to show our home before the storm came in. They would arrive when it was dark and would we mind? Heck no. We made arrangements to leave until they were done with their tour. We didn't hear back for a week but then one day we received a call that they wanted a return visit and could they come by on Sunday afternoon. Surprisingly, that weekend it snowed so we thought that we would probably not receive any other visits but early Saturday morning the phone rang and an agent wanted to bring someone by late in the afternoon. Hooray...two potential buyers in one weekend. And IN THE SNOW! We were thrilled and hopeful but you just never know.

Great things have always happened to me and B on days that have (or add up to) 6's and 8's. Our anniversary is on the 17th of December. I graduated from High School in "68. This Saturday was the 8th. I felt really hopeful about this. In addition, I had been working with
Katherine Treffinger regarding Prosperity. She does incredible work for many people and she had sent me an affirmation to read daily. I memorized that affirmation and repeated it many, many times throughout the days that followed. B even recited it himself. The affirmation was as follows: Divine omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence is in charge of selling my home to the perfect person at the perfect time. In perfect harmony and with great ease, my absolute dream home is made manifest in my life. I look forward to celebrating in my new home and feeling amazement after witnessing the magic unfold.

Now here is where it gets really great! Saturday we had a showing with people who had never seen the house (in the snow) and Sunday we had the couple who were returning for their second look. On Monday, the agent's office called to inform us that they would like to present us with an offer. We, naturally, thought it was the returning couple but it was not. When I asked her how the returning couple felt about it after seeing it for the second time, she was not aware that they had come to look and so she called the agent. We waited hours but then finally heard that we had multiple offers now. This was amazing! We then had to decide which couple we would select.

We Googled the couple that came on Saturday and found out that they lived in the Bay Area (Marin County) and that she was a teacher at the Art Academy in SF! This was amazing to me. This was THE PERFECT COUPLE AT THE PERFECT TIME. I have always wanted someone who would really appreciate how special our property and house were. B built it with his own two hands and we have lovingly moved every rock and planted every plant here. It has been a labor of love.

Longer story shorter: we accepted their offer, they came up and walked the property with B and told him that they knew the minute they came through the door that this house was the perfect one. They love the property and intend to use it as a weekend retreat for awhile. Both are artists and writers...these are both loves of mine. I couldn't be happier that they will love our house and take it farther than we ever could. I hope that they get many years of happiness out of this place like we did.

All along, I had been telling B that "we will be out of here by my birthday". And guess when escrow closes? You guessed it: my birthday! I feel as though I have manifested this entire dream with help from Katherine who guided me along the way when I was feeling doubtful. We even found our "perfect home" (with an address that coincidentally adds up to an 8!) that had been on the market for over 8 months with only one offer prior to ours that was rejected. Was this house just waiting for us? I think that it was.

PLEASE FORWARD my Intentions for 2011 will you? I will be "celebrating in my new home and feeling amazement after witnessing the magic unfold!"


  1. cool it is all coming together...

  2. Teri, I'm so happy for you. This intention thing is kind of amazing. I need to read more about this because it seems like we always go around with more negative thoughts than positive ones and maybe they really do get in the way of moving forward.
    I hope you keep blogging, during the transition and beyond, so we can read the results of all this positive energy and "... witness(ing) the magic unfold."

  3. Wow what a glorious story of joy!
    I have done those very acts with my artist way works....I got grandchildren that 3! I graduated in 68 too!
    and we got married in Dec!
    Best of everything to you at your new home of intention

  4. I am very happy for you that your beautiful home will be safe with the new owners who sound like kindred spirits :)

  5. Glad things are working out for you!!!! Funny how life works sometimes...isn't it?!!

  6. I thought I left a comment here...but don't see it. Just in case...I'll try again.
    I'm absolutely thrilled for you seems you're on the beginnings of a new and magical adventure. I'm so very excited for you. And grateful that you're sharing the wonders with us.
    Happy Sunday. xo


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