Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I think I found this image and quote over at Suz's blog. If not, I apologize to the person from whom I borrowed it. I forgot to write down the link.

Today, April 19th seems to be a bright and as sunny as the weather outside. My daughter's husband was released from the hospital late yesterday afternoon. He will need to rest and recuperate but the prognosis is good as long as he follows doctor's orders.

Life is funny isn't it? You can be sailing along thinking that everything is great and going smooth and just like that you hit a bump in the road. But, like the quote says, we can use it as fuel for the journey. No one ever promised each of us a life filled with no pain, no sorrow, no bumps along the way. We must embrace those bumps and learn from them. They are, after all, just bumps. Sure, you can fall down and skin your knee along the way but you must get up, brush yourself off, and move on. There is an up and a down to every bump. Embrace them both and enjoy the ride. Along the journey remember to tell those around you that you care about how much they mean to you...each and every day.


  1. This is right on Teri....telling those we love and care about how we feel everyday. Life can change in a heartbeat.
    Hope your SIL is much improved. I'm holding you all in love and light. xo

  2. That is good news...though I forgot that it was you SIL...remembered it as your husband..so sorry
    but anyway I sent out many healing thoughts
    your way..that this be gone soon
    Happy move....and yes..pain is fuel...burn it up
    yep that was my photo of a dreary corn field in Illinois...wonderful quote isn't it
    blessings....are you taking any plants with you?

  3. Oh dear Teri that is not my blog
    mine is http://suz-beginagain.blogspot.com

    I only mention that because it so not me

  4. Good news!
    I love your header photo, btw, the contrast of the bright cheery spring flowers against the rain is just perfect and certainly captures the season.

  5. we all have those bumps...and we never know how long we get...cherish the moments...and glad that he is doing ok

  6. Suz---I so apologize for getting the blog wrong. I didn't go there and check it out before I posted either so I am so sorry. Thank you for correcting me and I have made the change here also. I hope it wasn't a horrible place to visit and that I sent people someplace that was bad. Thanks for the use of the photo. Did you take the photo? Lovely!!!

    Thanks everyone for all your good thoughts and wishes. I know that they all pay off. I talked to him on the phone today and he is really tired and his throat is very, very sore from the surgical procedure. I don't want to describe it here...too gross!

    Oh, and yes, I am taking plants with me. I have had lots of my starts planted in pots since we decided to do the move and I had planted lots of things in pots quite a few years ago just "in case". I guess it paid off! I am going to miss some of my favorites though: a giant Japanese Maple, a smoke tree, a huge lilac bush that my grandmother gave to me years ago, some redwoods, etc. Oh well. Begin again, right Suz???

  7. Excellent news. I believe in answered prayers.

  8. Such good news and what a wonderful post! This life is a miracle, but sometimes we need to be reminded of that. Thank you for sharing your lesson with us.

  9. yes I took the picture glad you liked it
    So happy for answered prayers
    and yes..beginagain..with cuttings and starts
    Happy Easter

  10. I love this quote, and am so glad your daughter's husband was released with a good prognosis.

    I also love your header photo of the pansies and daisies : )


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