Wednesday, April 13, 2011


When I stopped in at the drive-in window to get a cup of Starbuck's mocha, I never thought that I would get this kind of "kick" from my java! You'll notice that the "hitter" has sustained minimal damage. Needless to say, I never did get my mocha. The adrenaline rush was enough for my morning.


  1. Oh gosh Teri....are you okay? The guy behind you must have really needed his coffee!

  2. Karen---I am fine. My neck was a little tender and I hear that sometimes it can be a bit delayed also. But, so far, fine. It was a lady who hit me. She felt really bad about it. I am glad that I didn't hit the person in front of me too. The impact shoved me up about 2-3 feet. Strange to hear the crunch, feel yourself moving, look up in the rear-view mirror and see a pick-up truck on top of you. No damage to her truck though!


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