Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I think that there is a human inside there somewhere!

Rudy can sleep anywhere, any time. Just look at how he has managed to take a nap with B in this contorted position! Rudy is our adopted guy. We got him on Christmas Eve, hence the name Rudy (besides my grandfather's nick-name was Rudy also so it seemed apropos.)

Rudy is one of those dogs that just fit right in the moment we saw him. We drove all the way to San Mateo to adopt him. We found him on-line. He originally was in a "kill shelter" until he was picked up by "Dogs Needs Homes Too" and Laura. She cleans them up, gives them shots, and brings them from southern California to northern California for adoption functions. It still amazes me that out of all the white fluffy dogs that were sitting in cages barking and crying LOUDLY that we managed to pick Rudy. We just knew he was "the one" the moment we looked at him. We did walk one other little fluffy white one but somehow he just wasn't "it". And I'm not sure how you know it with just a "test run" around the store. But we did.

Now, he is a permanent fixture in our home and our lives. He, along with our other dog Bodhi, go everywhere we go. And I really mean everywhere. We hardly ever leave them at home alone because we love having them with us. They enhance our lives. When we get our shoes on to go for a walk, the dogs start squeaking and jumping in the air because they know we are going for a walk. When the clock says that it's time for their dinner, they start pacing the floor waiting for their treats. Is it just Pavlov's dog or do they really know? I think they really know. And, do you know that when dogs come on TV, either in a show or on a commercial, that they run up to the TV and start crying because they want to play? Incredible, smart dogs.

Dogs really enhance your life. They offer so much in return for so little. Just give them love, attention, exercise and food and they are your's forever. I'm glad about that. And they offer countless opportunities for photo ops! There really is a person inside. I'm convinced of that.


  1. smiles. animals certainly enhance our lives...and teach us much in the way of unconditional love...cute pups...

  2. I'm learning so much from my Buddy, Buddha-boy. He seems like such a wise old soul. I almost never leave home without him, either. He's so funny and so playful. He's a joy-bringer, that's for sure. Not to mention unconditional love.

    Thanks for sharing your Rudy with us. You do just Know when they're the right ones and, even more so, they do, too.

  3. Dogs have much too short of a lifespan. All the money and effort going into increasing our own life spans .... Imagine if the goal were not have us live more than a hundred years - but simply to have our dogs live fifty! That would be a comfort and a joy!

  4. I believe that dogs are here as guardian angels to teach us about unconditional love.
    What if they are here, as a gift from some distant place, to see how we treat animals that are in our keeping? How many people would fail miserably?
    I believe that dogs have souls and go to heaven.
    They are very special beings... better than humans in many ways.
    Love the photos. I'm glad that Rudy found you.

  5. hah look at him! he is like a dog yogi. love it!!!

  6. I think dogs do know. It just occurred to me and Natalie that Bear will not eat his "breakfast" or "dinner" until someone sits at the dinner table. Last night he was pacing around with food in his dish. I went and sat at the table and Bear walked right over to his dish and started eating. Then, this morning, we tested it again. Natalie filled his dish, he just stood there not eating. Natalie walked over to her seat at the dinner table and sat down, and then Bear went to his dish and ate. I think he has realized that by one of us sitting at the table, we are giving him "permission" to eat. Pretty darn smart if you ask me!

  7. Rudy has a human looking smile...is it the teeth? Are those his? I love how he's propped on top of B. Just sort of hanging there...so trusting. And a cutie.

  8. Sorry to Gooseberry Gardens. Your blog contained Malware. I couldn't risk it.

  9. I so glad you adopted Rudy and that so much joy has come to your life. We adopted our Penny and the same here. It is amazing that these little white creatures could be killed when they have so much love to give.