Tuesday, August 16, 2011



Francios de La Rochefoucauld

I used to think that I needed peace and quiet (mostly quiet) to be able to find tranquility. I used to live in a place where you never heard traffic whizzing by late at night or saw headlights flashing on the walls and ceiling as they went by. I used to think that peace came from somewhere outside of me and that if I was quiet enough and still enough that I would find it within me. How wrong I was!

Since moving to our new house, I have learned that a person can block outside distractions. I don't think that there are many moments in my day where I don't hear the noise of a car, a dog barking, children laughing, or other outside sounds. Those sounds used to bother me more than they do now. What I have learned recently (and since our move) is that there are just different levels of noise. In our former home we heard nothing but birds, crickets, frogs and an occasional dog barking or car. But they were still sounds, right? How does one categorize sound?

In our new home we have another sound that has since become something that I look forward to: the sound of the train. The train is not in my backyard but more like a few miles away. In our former home we could occasionally hear the distant sound of a train if the wind was blowing in our direction or the evening was extremely still. Here, at our new home, I have the luxury of hearing the sound of the train in the distance. In the evening when I sit out on the porch, it is comforting to hear the train whistle blowing. You can hear the sound of the wheels as they move up or down the tracks. There is a distinct humming that the wheels produce as they roll along the tracks. The sound of the train is comforting to me now. It is a sound in which I have found tranquility.

Did I ever think this would happen? No, absolutely not. Yet, the sound of the train now affords me a vision. When I hear the train whistle in the evening or early morning, it reminds me of the possibilities in life. I think of all the new places that the train can visit. I think of all the new people that the train can visit. These trains have become a metaphor for my new life here in a new house and in a new town. I don't have to follow the same tracks that I always have and expect the same results.

I have left some people behind that chose not to travel on this path with me. I feel like I have moved at a faster pace than them but that is neither right or wrong. We have just chosen to take a different train. I am trying to look at each new day as an adventure and as a chance to make a new and different choice. I used to hear the whistle blowing so very far away. Now, it is closer.

I am finding tranquility in places I never expected to find it and that is both eye-opening and astonishing to me at the same time. I feel blessed to be able to experience new and wonderful things along the way. Life is a journey and I am happy that I am along for the ride. And I'm happy that I have learned to slow down a bit and enjoy that ride.


  1. What a wonderful post Teri. I was there with you hearing that train. We have a train go by early morning twice, midday, and in the evening. I love it, I welcome the sound. I hear the noises outside as well. A car just went by, it's quiet right now, I hear a dog barking somewhere down the street and I hear the sound of my home that we love. Life is good Teri no matter what happens in one's life, we all go on because we have. Enjoy your new home and listen to the sounds you love, it's a blessing. Take care. I enjoyed reading your post.

  2. mmm....i love hte sound of the train...that is home for me..growing up at least...i so miss it...it brought peace...

  3. I have always Loved the sound of trains in the distance. I find it comforting. The train as a metaphor for our journey with or without old friends, is a useful one and one I can certainly relate to. Very nice post. Thank you.

  4. Greetings dear Teri,

    What interesting observations and especially the topic.

    Where we live things are very quiet, except for dogs barking as early as 5:30 in the morning, even on a Sunday. Still, things become very silent and when one is in the garden, sitting comfortable in the shade, one can close ones eyes and hear the silence, the things that are very silent yet create gentle sound waves.

    At moments like these, it is easy to focus on ones inner self and being tranquil.

    As for the train, I estimate the tracks are about eight to ten miles away and during the night we sometimes we can hear it. However, mostly we hear owls, coyotes or a ground animal. I love beings close to nature, while the town is only a couple of miles away.

    Wishing you all the best,