Friday, September 9, 2011


Some relaxing images from a recent garden tour in Colfax, California. Wheelchairs were optional!

Enjoy your weekends, everyone. And be fire-safe. Fire warnings are in effect.


  1. oh wow, some peaceful garden pics, would love to hear the water fall...

  2. Looks like it was a wonderful tour. I really like the flowers in your banner photo.

  3. lovely pond and beautiful, beautiful flowers...

  4. a garden is always a place of peace, for me, and this garden looks lovely. i wish i could send you some of our florida rain to quench those fires!

  5. Oh I want my garden to look like this...and I want to weigh 135 too.....
    by the way (oh that's funny) thanks for your funny comments about the apple...I did giggle
    yeah, it's not the apple....though I do need to watch my carbs....and the potatoe chips (confession)
    I wish you well....healthy well
    and of course beautiful

  6. Beautiful images, to have a garden like that in my back yard would be a dream come true.


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