Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Just wait a few days!

Last week the temperatures were over the Century mark. Today...we woke up to coastal fog and very cool weather. What's that saying about the "Dog Days" of summer?

Well, even the dogs don't like the hot days of summer.

Lucky for us, we have this great shaded porch that we can sit on no matter what time of the day it is. When I was a child, my grandmother had one of these galvanized tubs at her cabin that we used to take baths in when we stayed with her over the weekend. We were probably covered in dirt, being the kind of kids that never came inside except to eat and sleep. The outdoors is where we lived. And I still find myself outside more than inside. That is where I would rather be.

So, when I thought about buying a "kiddie pool" for Mae I thought "Why...I have that great galvanized tub that I can use. It won't pop when the dogs step on it, it will last more than one season, and when I am done using it as a wash tub it can perform another duty for me." So, that is what I did. I put it on the deck, filled it with tepid water, and brought out all the rubber duckies I could find and a few other floating toys.

Today is Mae's first swimming lesson. And wouldn't you know it is not very warm out there. I hope that the pool is heated. She loves the water so I don't think that will be a problem. Oh, to be young again and able to fit inside a galvanized tub! 


  1. haha so cute on the wash tub...bet the little one thought that was fun for sure...it has been smoking hot here....first swimming lesson, big smiles.

  2. What a cute picture. She's adorable.
    Perfectly lovely summer porch.
    Boy, did the weather change here too. Last week we were dying of the heat and this week it's so cool we're rejoicing... and today we had clouds.
    Wonderful! Here's to rubber duckies.
    (I wish I could fit into a galvanized tub too.)

  3. awww look at that! what fun! i would have loved that as a kid :)

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