Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Finally, the hard work is beginning to pay off.

All the weeding, all the watering, all the bending and squatting, and the sore hands and back pay-off is beautiful color.

I moved every rose on the property last year. Most of them were half-eaten by the deer that roam freely and that just wouldn't do! I added a few new ones too. Now, I have a rose garden. 

Before I left my last home I had given my girls lots and lots of hollyhocks and their seeds. So, last year, I took some of the seed back and planted it here. I now have the beginnings of my own hollyhock garden again. Isn't it a great feeling being a Johnny Appleseed? Everywhere I go, I take and give plants. It is nature's gift and mine.

This cute couple I found laying in the weeds someplace on the property. They needed a good home so here they sit in the old wheel barrow that was non-functioning here too. I love the old relics that were left for me. I have tried to re-use and re-cycle most everything that was left behind by the previous owner. I love that yellow! Cheddar cheese yellow!

So, this year I feel like I finally have something to crow about! Can you  believe this great blue rooster was left behind too? It's as if this property knew that I have a "thing" for roosters and chickens. Another sign that this place was waiting for us. "The perfect place at the perfect time." Manifested.


  1. wow your flowers are lovely...and the feel of johnny appleseed...smiles i like that too...the blue rooster is very cool...

  2. What great affirmations that you have created Right Place. Love the old yellow wheelbarrow. An orange one was waiting for me here. His name is Henry.

  3. Something about gardens and yours is just magical, and the things discarded...even more special!

  4. it does look like your hard work has paid off. The flowers are beautiful and I love the extra little flourishes.

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog Teri
    Your pics are so cheerful to see here in Tasmania in the middle of winter!!

  6. Your blog is sparkling. I love stopping here and hearing your voice and enthusiasm. I also love reusing old things that have kept watch and deserve a place of honor, like your wheelbarrow and tiny couple. And I do so love the idea of the hollyhocks moving on and living on. I have a fern that has followed me to four homes. The dear thing has been with me for 33 years and was alive and greening long before I found it. Thanks for the happiness that you so freely share.