Sunday, July 8, 2012


I haven't been around my computer or my blog for awhile now. I'm not sure exactly why but it could be a combination of many things including time constraints, summer weather making things grow (including weeds!), a profound knowledge of what my thought process is looking like at the current time, and the knowledge that I have to be devoting more time to treating myself well. And this includes spiritually, physically, and mentally. At some point something just has to give and I guess I realize that at the present time it has been my blog that has suffered. Or has it?

All too often I feel that I have something profound to say and then when it comes to saying it, I find that it has been noticed by someone before. It's an experience sort of like "when the student is ready the teacher appears". We are all on journeys while we are walking on this earth. But we are all on different journeys and sometimes someone is 5 steps in front of us and sometimes someone else is 5 steps behind us. It is hard to always be 'in step" with everyone but deciding to take a different path occasionally leads me to something new to discover...about myself and about others as well.

In a recent talk about The Intersection of Science and Spirituality the following struck me as very profound and enlightening as well.
     "It does take effort to remind ourselves, especially when troubles abound, that 'the Universe can be trusted' and that 'I'm a part of the Universe.' But I promise, it won't take long for this outlook to become second nature. The mind will almost always take the most empowering route available to it, when given the chance. But don't take my word for it. Play with it yourself. See how it works for you."  Pg. 59 from the book Thank God for Evolution by Michael Dowd.

Life hands us all sorts of obstacles to deal with. We all have breakdowns occasionally, we all suffer stress in our lives, we have physical difficulties as well as mental problems we have to deal with and sometimes we even face the most difficult times we have ever faced or will have to face in our lives. We can never be prepared exactly for what will be put in front of us that we have to overcome. I remember growing up and hearing the phrase "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger". How right this phrase seems at these difficult times in our lives. And there will always be difficult times in our lives. That is a given. But according to Michael Dowd  "The universe can always be counted on to move in the same five-fold direction: the direction of greater diversity, greater complexity, greater awareness, greater speed of change and greater intimacy with itself."  Pg. 50

I guess, considering this information, I shouldn't feel bad about taking time away from my blog or my computer to attempt to gain some of this new information. If it brings about greater awareness this is a good thing. Greater speed of change sounds like a boon also. The quicker I am to learn a new lesson, the quicker I can move on to something else and not make that mistake again.

I guess I need to take the time to reflect upon what it is my life is trying to tell me. I am taking the time to make the necessary changes to incorporate what I have learned into my life. After all, knowing that our "mind will almost always take the most empowering route available" makes it that much easier for me. Like Michael Dowd suggests: "Play with it yourself". I am trying to remember to do this. I am trying to remember that these ideas will become second nature. I might have to take some time to reflect and ponder but what I do know is that what I see in those reflections is mirrored back to me. The outside is always reflecting inside.

"To feel that one has a place in life solves half the problems of contentment."  George E. Woodberry 


  1. For the past few months I have given some thought to discontinuing my blog so that I can really incorporate those things I write about even more fully into my day to day existence. And I want to become a better Listener to the Universe. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I understand, as much as another can, where you seem to be coming from.

  2. Hi dear Teri, Well, talk about an inspirational post. Your absence seems to have made your writing dip deeper into the well of life.

    Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I've worked on Appledore Island IN Celia Thaxter's garden. I think that is a good idea. I'll go fish through my old slides and try to find my box of them. It was quite a jolt for me to be working on land she had tilled.

    Maine in August AFTER my talk in Minneapolis.

    Love across the miles,


  3. "To feel that one has a "place" in life..." is so reassuring. If you need time to reflect on what you life needs... please do it. Life is an effort and I have never felt like I was "in step" with what most folks consider average. I just try to find my own way and stay afloat.
    The blog is time consuming and, even though I miss your thoughtful posts when you don't write, I think it's something that should be optional. It's a public diary and entertainment to many, but it sometimes takes more blood that we've got to give. Then, it's time to stop for a while.
    Take care.

  4. i love stopping here at your always have something to give in each sentence of your thoughts. I'm glad to have been a part of sharing your path here at your blog with you....whenever you decide to be here. Time away from the computer was something I have taken to doing as well. I'm not on half as much as I used to be. I think summer has something to do with that for me. I turn into a total bookworm in summertime. Thanks Teri, have a good start to your week.

  5. can you se the face in the second window pane....that is kinda freaky....the outside is always reflecting hte inside...and change does not happen immediately but if you give it time and attention...

  6. you and me both, miss. i've been away from blog world too, living. I hope you do the same! It's so very important to recharge every now and again. xx