Monday, December 3, 2012


Yesterday I was one of the featured artists on Seth Apter's blog. I have posted about him quite often here and have purchased some of his art for myself. He is one creative person, that's for sure. And such a supporter of so many artisits out there.

You can go to his blog to read what the question was that he posted that prompted the work that I (and so many others) sent in to him. Each piece was 5 X 5 and we relinquished the art to him. No big deal really. Except that I have always had a hard time relinquishing my work. I don't like to let go of it, I don't like to show it to others, I just like to do it and somehow, I always feel really connected to what I create and get quite possessive of it. So, when I say "no big deal" is tongue-in-cheek.

I enjoy the process of creating art but in this period of my life it seems that the ideas are flowing but the work is not. I babysit my granddaughter and by the end of the day...I am exhausted. Not much time left for art. But, I file away the ideas either in a sketch book or in my brain, and hope that one day I will have the time to really devote to what I would like to say. In the meantime, I do the best I can to post things (occasionally) to my blog. That seems to have fallen by the wayside lately too. With Bill having emergency surgery on his hip and my having to do so much of the stuff that needs to be done around here (although as I am typing this I hear the vacuum running in the living room...he is getting better really quickly) there just isn't much time left.

I guess what I am trying to say in this post is that sometimes our creativity takes a turn. I try to make every moment count creatively, even if I am not actually "producing" a piece. I try to live my life creatively. I take photos, I work in my yard, I sing to my granddaughter. These are all part of the creative process, just tweaked in a different direction. But they are all part of the process; part of the whole.

Create what you love and the rest will follow, right? It's ALL good!


  1. Happy Happy post...and you are so right...we all need to follow our hearts. It is all good! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. I love this painting. It speaks to me in a way that can't be explained but is surely felt.

  3. wow that is a really cool all the elements in it too...very cool...smiles, i bet baby sitting is exhausting...

  4. Thanks so much for being a part of this project. I love this piece and am so happy to be able to share it on my blog.