Tuesday, April 28, 2009


These are pictures of Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe. Isn't it gorgeous? And to think all this beauty is in my backyard! Amazing!

We arrived at South Lake Tahoe on Friday night where we stayed at a house owned by some friends of ours who loaned us (YES---Free) their house for the entire weekend. All they asked for was a good bottle of red wine. How easy was that?! It was such a wonderful weekend where we celebrated with family and friends my birthday and my husband's birthday. I don't think that it could have been any better really. Good food, good friends, good fun and family. And, it helped me keep my mind off the dreaded biopsy on Monday. That, by the way, went fine. Not much pain so that was good. Now, the waiting game. I am crossing my fingers AND my toes.

I am (was) inspired by the beauty that surrounded me all weekend long. There is no way that that kind of art could ever be perfected. Nature has the most incredible eye when it comes to creating something so breath-takingly beautiful. Man cannot improve on what nature does every day of the year in every part of the world. Mother Nature has the most incredible canvas at her disposal, the most incredible palette of colors to choose from, and the most wonderful brushes at her fingertips. I've said it before: I wish that I could take lessons from her. The best I can do is try to put her best works on my camera and share them with all of you. I hope you enjoy her paintings today. She made my birthday (and my husband's) special. And so did everyone I shared it with. Happy Day-of-Birth to me!!

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  1. oh my god, stunning. i'm so glad you had a good birthday. thanks for your comment on my blog post this morning. i just responded to everyone who commented with a loooong comment of my own.


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