Wednesday, December 9, 2009


When I was a little girl (and that was quite a few years ago!) my grandmother had these candles and used them for decoration. Actually, there were twice as many but I split half of them with my sister. So now, each Christmas, they have the honored space above my kitchen sink. They have never even been lit, can you believe that? I think that she got them from Woolworth's (do any of you remember Woolworth's?) and they were all wrapped up in a box and have never lost their attraction for me. Willow had a photo of some ornaments that she has and one of them has the exact same face as my choir people. Only difference is that hers is a glass ornament and mine is made of wax. Both are quite fragile though and I will assume both are quite old since she has been collecting antique ornaments for quite a few years.
These little fellas are a small collection of Santas that I have. Some have been hand-made and some are metal or resin. The one on the left was hand-made by my mother's best friend and her husband. I love primitive-looking items the best and so I gravitate toward those when I am looking for more. The second Santa (tall and skinny) is one that I hand-carved. I love to carve wood and this was one of my first attempts at a Santa.

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