Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This little guy is one of my favorite ornaments. Whimsical. And it has one of my favorite components: a heart. I have a huge collection of heart related items. Anyone that knows me, knows that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I say exactly what I feel because really, that is all that I have: my feelings. My feelings are at the core of everything I think, say and do.

"Go to your bosom; knock there, and ask your heart what it doth know." William Shakespeare

Michael Patrick King, who wrote the Sex and the City series said it best in the episode I heart NY, 2002:
"Seasons change, so do cities. People come into your life and people go, but it's comforting to know: the ones you love are always in your heart and if your're very lucky, a plane ride away."

Here's to all the people I love. I am reminded, especially at this season, how very important they all are to me. And, lucky for me, they are either a car ride or a plane ride away. And the phone comes in pretty handy too. There is nothing like hearing the voice of someone you love on the other end of the receiver.


  1. yes, this is a sentimental time of year. and love is what it's all about. lovely reminder. (i found you via m's blog)

  2. I'd also like to think that the ones we love that aren't physically here... are still with us in spirit. I depend on that to get me through the holidays. And I hear you about the sleeve thing...tend to do a lot of that myself. Good for the soul, and our health. Beautiful Christmas tree!

  3. this time of year I don't try to get into my studio-- I give it up to decorating,shopping, cooking, cleaning,baking, wrapping, card sending, and spending time with my 3 sons when they return for xmas-- family is most important


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