Tuesday, December 8, 2009


There will be no school today, that's for sure! We had snow here in the Sierra Nevada foothills along with power outages and lots of ice. The schools are closed as well as many businesses because of the low elevation snow. In some areas this snow fall has broken records. I always enjoy the snow at this time of the year, as long as it doesn't last too long. Because in our part of the world, now always means power outages. And power outages always mean that food will be spoiling in refrigerators, people who only have electricity will be unable to cook or heat, and those with wells might not be able to use water for bathing or flushing toilets. We, fortunately, have thought of all the alternatives and have a generator in the case of power outages. And, we heat with wood so we are always cozy and warm. BUT...living so far from the main city centers we are always the last to have our roads plowed and our power restored. The roads today are very dangerous and California Highway Patrol is not allowing cars without chains AND 4 WD to pass on certain sections of the highway. This included OUR highway today so we had to turn around and drive an alternate route. Just part of winter in the foothills. It beats living in the city and having to fight traffic and noisy neighbors though.
My daughters live next to each other. They are twins who have married brothers. Is it just because they are twins that they share everything and are best friends? I think this is part of it but then I live next to my sister and we share quite a bit also. Sure, there are times when we all disagree about things but when "the snow flies" and we need each other, we are there for each other. Best friends. Sisters. Brothers. Uncles and Aunts. We help each other and are there for each other. You can't ask for anything better.
Here's Uncle Joel and Natalie with "Frosty". We all had fun making him yesterday and he will be the last remnant of the fallen snow once the rains begin to fall again.


  1. He's absolutely the perfect snowman! The snow looks like a winter wonderland! Enjoy.

  2. Aw, frosty is adorable and Natalie (and well let's not leave Jo out) too. That storm sounds like a doozy. Glad you have a generator. Stay safe and warm.

  3. so nice to hear about your winter .. so different to mine let alone that i am now in summer and its hot ... enjoying your posts immensely ...

    stay safe and warm ... and i hope you and yours have a wonderful christmas >>> Gina

  4. Let it snow, let it snow...smart to have a generator! Nice header photo!

  5. Nice snowman! We just had our first snowfall this week too. I can't seem to leave a comment on your post about the candles, but I remember my mom having Christmas candles that were a lot like yours and the post brought back some nice memories, thank you!


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