Monday, February 22, 2010


When I was younger and had to work, I used to hate Mondays. Even though it is the second day of the week, it always felt like the first, of a very long week. At this point in my life and for many years really, I have been really fortunate to not have to work. Oh sure, I held part-time jobs that I enjoyed and I also spent 4 years attending college late in life, but none of this felt like work! Let me show you my Monday.B and I went on a really long walk today in Auburn while Bodhi was at the groomers getting washed and "fluffed". We actually walked almost 7 miles but it didn't seem like it because we got to see so many wonderful things along the way...things that you don't see unless you take the time to stop and look. This cherub placed happily in a head-stand on a wall, for instance, was tucked almost behind a bush that you wouldn't see if you were just driving by.
This happy mailbox, complete with all sorts of words to live by, waited for us at the bottom of a hill. I bet the mail person loves to deliver mail to this box especially if he or she takes the time to read the words. Who could be unhappy reading: love, shine, sing, believe, wish, or wonder!
A few miles farther down the road we ran into the most beautiful blossoms on this tree. The entire tree was filled to capacity with these blooms. Ah----Spring really IS in the air! Monday blues? No way! Just Monday pinks.
Down the same street was this incredible little house that was decorated for the month of February. It had beautiful flowers and vignettes all around the house. Hearts and flowers adorned the entire place. Sweet! Another place that just made me smile.
This beautiful building is the Auburn courthouse. They have just recently refurbished the building and it stands on a high spot in Auburn overlooking many parts of the town. You can see it from many locations in town.

All-in-all, Monday was an incredible day. It was sunny, I was in good company, we ran into people along the way and stopped and chatted, we stopped for a mocha at Starbuck's and basked in the sun while we sipped our drink, we held hands and laughed along the way, and generally had an entirely wonderful second-day-of-the-week. Ah...Monday! How much better can it get? Maybe a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday? Oh yeah...every day is a weekend around here! I am one of the luckiest people in the world. We may not have lots of money but we have everything that we need. And that is all a person can ask for. I am really fortunate to live in such a wonderful place with such a wonderful, loving person (and dog)!

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  1. Well that sounds a lot more pleasant than my Monday! I'm curious about your 4 years in college later in life...expect an email from me in the next couple of days (I'm off to the dermatologist right now and then work, and they are over an hour apart, aiy!) Going back to school is something both my friend and I were discussing on Sunday.


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