Wednesday, February 17, 2010


From this desk I sit and watch the world go by. The computer holds links to many different people all across the world that I have grown fond of via blogs. Today, I sit here, at this desk, and ponder all the things I am grateful for and I can unequivocally state that you are part of the things that make my every-day-world so fun and exciting.

Melanie in Mass. makes my "heart" sing. I have really enjoyed getting to know her and see how talented and gifted she is. Willow has opened her heart up too and also a new blog that has challenged me to think in ways that I would not have bothered to on my own. She is another talented person who inspires me with her knowledge and delight. There is Donna who always posts such lovely and informative art that really captures the essence of why I am an artist in the first place. It is more than just the's about the (HE)art and soul of why we do what we do and what it means to me. There is no way that I can list all the wonderful people that I have met on these blogs. But, there is something in each one of you that really touches me...that I remember about you and what you have posted.

Egmont lives in my neck of the woods and is such a lovely man with a lovely family. He, too, is SO talented. I tend to look at other's work and compare but it is not all about "who's better, who's making a living at it, who's well-known" is it? It is more about what resides deep inside that I am interested in. Neva Coloma, Mary Ann, Jen Worden in Nova Scotia, Gina in Tasmania, Robyn Gordon across the globe who does wonderful totems, Bethany who has a deep, deep love for animals and all things that "bloom", Maggie (is that your name AND your dog's name too...I often wonder) who has a curiosity for art and a lust for life, Nina Bagley who lives in one of my favorite states, No. Carolina, and does the most incredible jewelry (and by the way: has a real way with words, so soft and gentle and loving)...all these people have such a lust for life and it shows in their blogs. I have become attached to you all and many, many more. (You can always check my sidebar for my favorites). There are way too many to list here in this post but the point I am trying to make is that I appreciate you and take a piece of you along with each day. Does that mean that you are my FRIENDS? I think so because I care about you. But really, we have never met. Does that make me care any less for any of you? I think not. I cry with the best of you, I laugh with you too. I ponder your deep and caring thoughts. In that moment, I am THERE with you. That is all that really matters to me at this time in my life. Maybe at some point in my life there will be a chance to meet and visit. I certainly hope so. Maybe we can share a cup of tea or a mocha or even a meal.

Last night we had our friends over for dinner. We have known these friends for quite some time. I used to work at the hardware store with Frank, who is deeply involved in Ham radios and has sparked an interest of them in my husband. They "ham it up" every day. His wife Kathy and I have known each other for many years too. We used to belong to a quilting group together and I "cat sit" her dear Winston when they take off for a few weeks each year. They are dear friends and we really enjoy being around them.

My sister and her husband (who live next door to me---you'd think we were twins but we're only 11 months apart) came to dinner also. We are all part of the same family in a way...the family of firefighters. Frank, B. and my BIL all were involved with our volunteer fire department for many, many years. Once a firefighter, always a firefighter. There is an unspoken attachment that we all share that will never dissolve. A firefighter always has your back. For life.

Anyway, we ate dinner together and then I served dessert on these wonderful plates that my friend Lela gave me. They, too, are Fitz and Floyd. They are called "Phoenix Rising". Wonderful aren't they?
Here they are again with martini glasses upside down, waiting to be filled with chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, dark cherries, whipped cream and 7 DEADLY ZINS! Yum! There is nothing better than good food and good friends. Oh...a good life doesn't hurt either!! Thanks for being "part" of my life. You make it all worthwhile.


  1. Teri,
    I am honored to be your friend here in blogland.
    We all have something very special here. The love we share just grows bigger as our lists of blogs we follow grows. It seems to be a swelling of kindness, support, and genuine friendship. It is the reason I blog. It is my small way of making the world a softer place to be. I thank YOU for being a part of it.
    I love your dishes...they're beautiful. I also couldn't help but notice the pitcher in the background, and got a chuckle, fondly remembering how my kids always referred to this pitcher as the puking chicken!
    Sending you love,

  2. Thank you Teri, I knew there was a reason I needed to catch up with blogs this afternoon (as I chew my veggie burrito). Though if we meet we aren't having tea or mocha. We are having whatever that is that you made for dessert ; )

  3. it gives me much pleasure to be mentioned in your posting on blogger friends .. thank you ... the warmth and genuine enjoyment of your passions, including your friends, is warming, humbling and speaks volumes (to me) ...

    i am off to explore some of those links although i have explored many already from your blog list ...

    sounds like a wonderful dinner you had ... i hope your weekend continues with the wonderfulness ! >>> Gina (welcome to FRIDAY !)

  4. i have been clicking through the links you posted ... most enjoyable ! .... in the 'zone' i clicked on mine which is not working ...

    you have an extra 'e' in there ... thanks ! >>> Gina

  5. Back atcha Teri. I'm with Melanie, about that dessert (please!). Wow to those plates. And your mossy rock. And what crazy, lovely plant is that hanging in the cozy picture? I love the plates too and your description of dinner and your guest. I love your blog friend love. Of course we are friends. Of course it matter. I am always so happy when you comment on my blog. And your posts are a delight. Thank you.
    Big hugs (and earthworms!)

  6. You all are just so wonderful! I love hearing from you and feel so overwhelmed at what I feel from you and your posts. Bethany and Melanie: if ever we meet (one of these days I might make it to the east coast again!) we will have wonderful desserts together, OK? And Bethany: that plant is not a hanging plant but a Norfolk Island Pine that is in a pot. You can hardly see the thin trunk there in the photo but I have had this in this pot for at least 15 years! It just keeps getting bigger at the top and losing leaves at the bottom. It seems to like it here next to me and the window. Perhaps it is all the good vibes from the blogs I follow that it recognizes.


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