Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Sitting here this Wednesday, I am wistful. I have a yearning to be somewhere today but it is not within my reach. Not today. I long to be at the ocean, smelling the damp, salty air and feeling the moisture of that damp air permeating my skin and bones.

Having grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area all of my life until the age of 22, I guess that feeling of smelling the salty air never leaves you. When I grew up there I always wanted to be in the mountains smelling the pine trees and woodsmoke; my dreams when I was young came true. But, the call of the ocean never leaves you I guess. It gets deep inside you and creates a longing or desire that needs to be fulfilled.

Some day I hope to own a beach house or bungalow somewhere close to the ocean. I don't have to have ocean-front property but just be able to get there at a moment's notice. Until then, I sit here in my cabin-in-the-woods, dreaming of what will be someday. They say that if you can imagine or dream it, it will happen. Until then there is always VRBO (vacation rentals by owner), an on-line site that we have used each year to fulfill our dreams momentarily. Sometimes that's all it takes. Just a week or two in a different location and then home feels fresh and new.


  1. I know how you feel. I grew up in Hawaii and so have a life-long love of the ocean. Even though I live on an island in the Pacific NW-- my water is the Sound-- and my beach is rocky and gray with lots of driftwood. Which is very very nice, but I do miss sitting on a sunny sandy beach with real waves -- and when I do get the chance I just sit and watch the waves over and over and over....

  2. we are a strange lot...wishing for something else...while we have something that someone else is wishing for...LOL
    we too sit in the cottage in the woods...and count the days till we can break free.
    only to return...loving home, in all its humble glory :)
    your post is indeed a lovely insight into our wistfulness :)

  3. Dear Teri,

    I feel your desires, as I myself have been having them. It has been weeks since I have been to my cove where I found the heart shapes stones.

    So today I took off but not to the cove, rather a small section of a rocky beach on the inside of the bay, north of the Richmond Bridge. There I was searching for ocean glass to use as adornment to the heart shaped rocks I found several weeks ago.

    The cool clear air was refreshing, as was the sound of the buoy meandering lazy like back and forth. It was not the kind of location I would have liked, but it was near water.

    I hope you can manage to get to the ocean once the weather clears.

    Warmest regards,


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