Thursday, March 10, 2011


This house, this wonderful house built for our family with the hands of my husband, will soon not belong to us. In some ways, this saddens me. In others, it invigorates me.

I think of all the memories that we have made here: we raised our twins here, ate at this dining room, opened gifts in this living room, made chocolate chip cookies every time it snowed in this kitchen together. I planted trees, bushes and flowers that my grandmother passed down to me at this house. I'm sure a few starts will make it over to the new house when we move...just as a reminder. We laughed here, we cried here, we celebrated and grew here.

But things change as we grow. We change as well. We find ourselves wanting different things from life: less isolation, more stimulation, closer proximity to restaurants and art galleries and the ability to save more money with rising gas prices. Walking distance to stores and parks. And then there is family.

Family for me is the driving factor. B and I would do anything for our family. And I mean that. We drove 45 minutes in one direction for over 2 years to watch Natalie while her parents worked. And, we will be doing that again for the new baby. But, this time we will be closer.

I am thrilled that we get to be a part of our children's lives daily. We don't have the constraints of a job or a need to be someplace at a certain time each day. So, we will be able to give much love and attention to our new grand baby. I think of all the possibilities that await us in our new home. New gardens to tend and build. New decorating to be done. Will it feel like home, this new place? Of course it will! Home is where the heart is, or so that saying goes. I look forward to turning a new page in our lives; writing a new chapter.

A quote from Katherine Treffinger: "Divine grace and harmony is the only truth at work in our lives. Believe in this and believe nothing we do can block the magic of this and magic will abound."


  1. you have a lovely place...and i think you will be just fine with the adventures you will have ahead of you...smiles.

  2. What a wonderfully cozy home. I can see the love in each photo. It's going to be fun living closer to the kids and having the stores and coffee shops closer. I'm hoping when the market eases here, and I can start thinking of selling...I want to move as well...this time I think of renting. This way I don't have to pay the high real estate taxes. Your home is lovely and I'm sure wherever you go it will be just a lovely.

  3. OMG Teri, I wish I were buying it ; ) it is just gorgeous. As I'm sure whatever place you call your home is bound to be!

  4. This is hard to do but it sounds like the good things out weigh the losses. To be closer to your children and grandchildren will be a wonderful thing. I'm two and a half hours away from mine and, every year, it's getting harder to live here without them.
    Sometimes you have to make decisions based on making things easier as you age. I think you are making a good move. Enjoy the magic...

  5. Together you both have made a wonderful, comfortable home there and I'm sure you will do it again. I've just got off the phone from my daughter and we were talking about the same thing, moving closer to them and all the facilities within easy reach in our twilight years. I think our property will be on the market at the end of this year. All the best to you with the big move, Teri.

  6. Oh your home is gorgeous - It would break my heart to leave it - I must be at the other end of the scale - I crave the isolation and want to simplify my life- my one child has left one - one is still here but I dread the day hubby and I are left alone in the house - does it get any easier?

  7. I am so touched by you Teri. Grace will follow you to your new home.

  8. your home looks so cozy
    but you will make the new place so
    You are a wonderful woman with a big kind heart


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