Thursday, March 24, 2011

The War is Over [Final Cut]

I'm sharing this video that Karen from "Maggie's Secret Garden" posted today. What really stood out to me was what was said at the very end of this video that "we are all one". Think about it: when we go to war, who are we killing anyway and for what?" Maybe we need a huge dose of what happened in the 60's right now: Peace and Protests! Give peace a chance!


  1. amen. dont have to tell me twice....give peace a chance...

  2. Thanks for reposting this Teri...I'd love to see it go viral...and someone suggested it be sent to the white house...hmmm. Great idea!
    I only got very few comments on it...even if they disagree I'd have welcomed their comments just to get the dialogue going about this war. I've sort of been off on a rant about it....because it seems that most readers would rather turn the page than discuss it. I'm glad you put this video up. I know it's hard for me to speak my truth about it. It's not always warmly welcomed...why is that? We all can agree to disagree if that's what it takes...but just lets get talking about it. It feels like the elephant in the room....are you getting that sense too? I just want this war to be over. We're going broke over it...and I feel for my kids. They will be stuck with the brunt of it.
    Have a lovely weekend. xo


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