Sunday, March 6, 2011


In the early 1900's, UC Davis was considered the University Farm, an extension of UC Berkeley. But I think seeing a wild turkey outside the housing offices on campus is not what you would think of when you think: University Farm!

This turkey appeared outside of my daughter's office at Orchard Park, one of the housing offices on campus. I have been seeing many posts in the last couple of weeks regarding turkeys that people have been seeing on their land but this seems unusual to me. Maybe it just feels safe now that November has come and gone; safe to wander the streets for another year!


  1. Turkey invasion!!
    Reminding us they are once alive beings, before we devour them for Christmas??

    The Deep Listening Sangha is a UK meeting on the telephone for Community of Interbeing practitioners...or anyone who wants to meditate. Have you heard of engaged Buddhism? Do you practise mindfulness?

    Engaged Buddhism is the practise of mindfulness in daily living; it was initiated by the young monks and nuns of Vietnam during the war, who were feeling helplessly bound by the old-fashioned hierarchies within the 'system' which prevented them from rushing out onto the streets and physically, instead of just spiritually, helping heal the suffering.

    Phone meditation is really useful for people who are house-bound, or live far from a sangha, which is Sanskrit for Community of practitioners :)

  2. smiles. saw 3 cornish hens in my neighborhood last week...white with black markings...kinda neat...seeing lots of turkey in the fields and trees...

  3. I've been seeing turkeys on a few posts too....going to look at the symbolism for them. This turkey looks like it's wearing a red bow tie. Cute photo.
    Hope you had a sunny Sunday. xo

  4. Maybe it was the "dude" that tried his luck here at our farm. He didn't have much luck... so maybe he thought he would try a more educated venue. What a kick!

  5. I think he wants to register for classes. He looks very intelligent.

  6. I have four wild turkeys that live on my acreage and come into the yard twice a day to peck around and hang out. I love their presence in my life. They seem to be popping up many places. They represent, from what I understand, a generosity of spirit, love in all its manifestations. It's not a "coincidence" that so many are here, visiting in so many different places. They have something to show us and teach us. I love that they're appearing in such different "venues." :)


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