Thursday, March 17, 2011


It must be getting closer because all the stores have bright colors featured. I can hardly wait to see these fabric colors blooming in my yard. Spring is going to "spring" isn't it?


  1. Oh yeah! I just bought a new vase...the new color of green...can you say Tommy Bahama green? honor me with your request..of course

  2. oh yeah...its gorgeous here today and supposed to be even better tomorrow!

  3. Yes, it's going to happen. It is just waiting... right around the corner. Waiting to "spring" on us.
    What a wonderful photo. Is that a chair? What a breath of fresh air that would be.
    Is there really a "Grimy Hands Girls Club". I would like to join if there is.

  4. Farmlady--Yes, there really is a Grimy Hands Girls Club. It is Sharon Lovejoys blog. I think that you can click on the photo and it will link you there. If not, let me know and I will give it to you.

    Brian--We have sun today but the prediction is for rain again tomorrow and maybe lasting another week. We had over 4 in. in the last couple of days. This are so soggy...the rivers are high. And, now the snow will start melting at lower elevations. Hmmm...

  5. Oh, I hope so! It hasn't quite come here, yet. But today feels warmish!


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