Saturday, July 9, 2011


These wonderful homes are perched on the shoreline of a small lake close to the town of Dutch Flat, California. We took an afternoon the other day and went up in elevation, above the heat. The homes are built on a private lake and there are no more than ten homes there I would say. But each has that special "something" that you look for in a summer home: screened-in porches, views of the lake, cozy woodsy feeling, and quiet.

And look at the color of this maple tree in the side yard of the house I photographed! Isn't it spectacular? It almost makes you think that it is Autumn because of the copper color.

Then, farther down the road, I saw this home-made fence at the beginning to a private road. I just had to get out and take a picture of it. It is so typical of California Gold Rush era stuff...rustic and filled with items that make you take a second glance. Old shoes, old hats, rusted metal things...and a door to nowhere. Or is it Now here?

The door! At first I just thought: how says "I am the door". But then, when I read farther down I noticed that the scriptures had been referenced. Did the owner carve this in here or did it just come this way? It looks very old with all the peeling paint but that could be from living outside all year long being attacked by the elements. I just thought it was cool when I saw "I am the door". Of course you are. I am the photographer.


  1. how neat...the fence is a work of art itself...looks like a very neat place...ahhh the water too...

  2. Looks like a fabulous place, hidden wonders there above the heat! That door sure does make one curious about the path or... that lies beyond!

  3. Wonderful post! I love these small upcountry towns with their uniqueness and beauty.
    Love the gate and the door.
    Your last three sentences are really great and .... you are the photographer, you really are.
    Love your new header photo too.

  4. Good find, Teri, that is a wonderful door. I love that the first line of text is what has survived the longest...

  5. Very cool looking fence. Amazing the things you can find if you go out and about.

  6. wonderful pictures of what sounds like a magical spot. the fence/door are fabulous. i love old weathered wood and objects hanging. i once had a book about houses made/decorated in a similar and even way beyond eccentric manner using bottles, newspapers, rusted items and on and on. The creativity of humans is boundless.


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