Friday, July 29, 2011


It started out innocently enough. There were words like: isn't that beautiful; look at that flower; it is only 1.25 miles to the ocean; it's not too late to walk, is it?

Then, the sand began appearing below our feet. Sand was everywhere. We saw plants trying to hold the sand back from encroaching toward the campground. Hills of sand. Sand dunes to be exact. Then I started hearing words like: this is like walking in the desert; this is really hard to walk in; walk along the edges---it is a little easier; I don't think this sand will ever end; but we're too far and almost to the ocean to turn around NOW.
Then, the ocean. Do you see that dune over to the left? Before we crossed over it and started walking south on the beach toward another trail (please!) I heard B in his most distressed voice say: I don't think this is a very good idea. I kept thinking: let's walk toward people not away from them because darkness was fast approaching...
and the wind must have been blowing 40 MPH, I swear. I have never seen the sand being picked up by the wind and literally sand blasting objects before. Your face tingled because of it as well as your legs and the rest of your body. It was a good thing we were heading away from the direction the wind was coming. At least it was at our backs.

We finally found another trail that we spotted because we saw a kite flying "in this wind?" But, yes, someone just over the dune was flying a kite at the parking area. We ended up climbing back over the dune and heading back to the campground. It took us probably another 1.25 miles before we landed back in our campground...before the sun went down and on a paved, level path. And we had the baby with us too! Fortunately in a front pack and covered by a blanket. Always be prepared when heading off on an unknown trail that looks innocent.

At least we will have things to talk about forever regarding this hike. We will laugh when we think of this 6 foot (plus) person in his red sweatshirt, standing at the top of the dune looking out toward the violent ocean and empty beach saying: I don't think this was a very good idea. Too late now B. We're not walking back through that again. Ever!

And so it was! We took our vehicles every time we wanted to go to the ocean from that point on. We learned our lesson.


  1. Yes, it certainly was an interesting hike! But, as you say, it will be the funniest thing to think about. Especially with daddy saying it wasn't a good idea!

  2. Walking through sand is a special kind of hell. I've done it in the SW. Never again, hopefully. I could relate.

  3. smiles. you made memories i would say it was worth it...

  4. Ha! I can relate - J and I have definitely had some hikes and bike rides from hell!

  5. i laughed reading this have had similar experiences with our girls camping so funny

  6. Yikes :)

    I hate that feeling of stinging sand!


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