Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It's really late...a bit after midnight...but I wanted to check in before falling off to sleep. We have been gone for almost a week without internet. I thought I would go crazy but it was not too bad. I did take my camera with me though and will have some photos to post tomorrow that hopefully turned out alright. From what I could tell by just looking through the small space on the camera while previewing, most of them turned out pretty good. You just never know until you download them and see them on the "big screen".

So, until tomorrow...sleep tight and have sweet dreams. The weather is perfect for sleeping right now. I would say "don't let the bed bugs bite" but that's a reality that no one really wants to hear right now. The question is: how do you not let the bed bugs bite? You'd think working with bugs at the Ag Department, I would know this. I'm deferring this question to my go-to girl, Rene. Rene? Any answers?? And how the heck are you anyway??


  1. welcome back :)

    sorry about the bed bugs.... i had a bed bug incident when we stopped at a "tourist hostel" in a little town/village very high up in the mountains of india while on a long hike many many years ago. Since then, even the word "bed bug" makes me itch....

  2. smiles. good to see you...

    bed bugs would not be a whole lot of fun...

  3. Hey...there you are! Glad to see you're back. Hope you've been having some fun in the sun. I look forward to seeing your photos. And now I'll let you get to sleep...see ya later! xo

  4. So nice to meet you Teri! And it is fun to find new blogs, especially when there are common interests! Just a short look at your page reveals a rich and varied life! And your links, oh my goodness, I will have days of fun there.

    I like your question why do you blog because I have considered this at various points since I started blogging in Dec 2008. It is a wonderful way to connect (just like this) and when I started I was completely blown away by the talent out there. It warmed my heart to hear something other than "the world is going to hell in a handbasket" which the media offers so freely. Blogging offered an opportunity for me to muse about my 2 loves, spiritual practice and art and get feedback!

    I look forward to visiting often!

  5. No, I do not have bed bugs but they seem to be a real problem for many travelers lately in motels and other places. It used to be just a saying that I grew up with and now it seems to be for real. I will be posting some stuff later today after catching up with all the laundry.


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