Friday, July 8, 2011


This might seem like the oddest post you've ever seen, but in reality it is a very sweet and sensitive post.

It started years ago. This was a "prize" in a cereal box that B opened. Then one day, it ended up in my bedroom or my purse or on top of my pillow. It made me think of B every time I saw it "pop up" in unexpected places. Then it became something that we both did to and for each other. I would hide Thing 2 in places, hoping that B would find it and it would make him think of me.

In the frenzy of the move, Thing 2 got shuffled aside; lost if you will. The other day I was organizing things (once again) but this time doing a deeper clean. I actually opened things up and put things where like things were: paper clips with all other paper clips, scotch tapes all in one location, ribbons in one basket, etc. Every once in awhile I get the urge to really organize. Well, that day I came across Thing 2 stuffed in a box with lots of other small things. It immediately made me think of B and so I took Thing 2 and put him on top of B's wallet, unbeknownst to him.

Yesterday, when I woke up, I happened to glance over toward the bathroom wall and there on this little angel shelf, next to a print that is hanging on the wall, was Thing 2. I can't tell you how such a simple, insignificant little gesture made me feel! Such a simple gesture makes all the difference in the world. I liken it to finding a love note in your lunch box or a quick note dashed off by a friend and mailed to you "just because". It takes just a second to do something that the other person will recognize as a caring gesture but that second can really change your and forever.

Take the time to recognize someone that you care about. It doesn't have to be a big gesture or something expensive. It can be just a silly toy from a cereal box that could revolutionize your way of thinking and the ripple effect that it generates could be spectacular. Imagine if everyone in the world just did one simple act of kindness; one little gesture to let that special someone know that they are cared for!

Wake up to the possibilities. And to Thing 2!


  1. What a fun and loving gesture. Little messages of love between ourselves and someone else can make a huge difference. Thank you for illustrating it so happily!

  2. big smiles...this is an awesome little ritual between the two of you...heart warming...

  3. I love this post. You're right. It's these simple little things that keep your relationships loving and new.
    Just "one simple act of kindness; one little gesture."
    Thank you for reminding us.

  4. Natalie does this all the time for me and Ern! She will write little notes, fold them up, and put them on our pillows for us to find and read. Today she was so excited to go get her hair cut that she made a card for our hairdresser (who is in her 20's). The outide had hearts, peace signs, and stars on it. Inside, she wrote "I think you are the best." If everyone would do what you and daddy do...people might not be as crabby and disheartened at things. It's the small things that really do hold the MOST meaning! I love this post!

  5. I think it's sweet that you both do this for each other. It shows that you really do love each other.

  6. This is so sweet Teri, I completely get what you're saying. Thing 2, lol.

  7. My family used to do that when we were growing up. There was this plastic cockroach that well... when you put your hand on without looking could really make you jump, so he did the rounds several times.... especially into my dad's luggage before he left for a trip. I think the cockroach has been on many more trips than any of us.

    The last time I was home, I needed a bag because surprise -- my stuff had multiplied. So my dad pulls out a carryon, hands it to me and tells me to check and make sure nothing of his is in there. I put my hand in one of the side pockets and screamed...... before realising it was only that same cockroach :)

  8. this is so sweet and so true...thanks for the reminder here!

  9. You're so right, Teri- and I love Thing 2, too!


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