Monday, February 13, 2012


This is a photo of my desk. It sits in front of a window that looks out to my front porch and the meadow and trees in the distance. I love this view. I love sitting here and looking at all the wonderful blogs that I follow (and sometimes new ones too!). And, it was sitting at this desk that I found the blog Art in Red Wagons. You can see the package that I ordered from her and received in the mail this morning. Was I overjoyed! There is nothing like receiving a wonderful package in the mail...

And it's even all that much better when it comes wrapped and decorated just like this! I have been collecting art from different blogs for quite some time. I love going over to their Etsy sites and seeing what they have to offer. I feel like it does a few things (and maybe even more) allows me to decorate my walls with wonderful, handmade art and it allows me to support my fellow artists. Artists work long and hard for what they do and never receive the proper amount of money that they really deserve. But, most do it out of love. And you can't put a price on love!

Here's the watercolor that I received in the mail along with her card tucked up there in the corner. That card is a work of art too! This piece was produced at Stocker Farms Produce Stand in Snohomish, Washington. Apparently Kim goes there in her car and does a watercolor each day. I'm not sure if she sits in her car and does them or if she sits inside the produce stand. But, I just thought it was so wonderful. I love the trees and the sky. And it's going to look spectacular on one of my walls as soon as I get a chance to frame it. You can visit Kim at three different blogs. (1) (2) and (3)  And this is a young mom with children!!! How does she have time to garden, to make art, to contribute to three blogs that are fantastic and creative,  to run children around and still do what needs to be done the rest of the time? I am in awe!!


  1. I am in awe too! You have a spot of paradise there and I know that you are grateful for it. Thanks for sharing the info about the artist; I feel like I opened the package right along with you.

  2. I love the gift you have received and shared with me. As an artist she is just amazing...we need to work every day! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    1. what a cool wrapping...and those watercolors as well...def to check her out...

  3. Thanks Teri....her blog is wonderful

  4. I think it is wonderful that you love art and are supportive of artists too.. it is nice to receive packages in the mail!

  5. I've been reading Kim's blog for some time. She is so creative and inventive. There is a simplicity there that is calming.

    your desk and window are super. be well, suki


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