Thursday, February 16, 2012


Here's another art quilt that I took a photo of. You can see that this person received a ribbon (there on the bottom right almost out of the photo) so clearly it was really appreciated. Being a quilter myself I realize the hours that go in to making something like this. I'm never sure if those who do not quilt realize how much work exactly goes into creating these kinds of works.

First you have to have the idea, either a photo or a painting or drawn free-hand. Then, you have to make the pattern and usually each piece has many, many patterns. In these trees for example, there are many shades of brown and each shade represents a pattern piece. Some are hand-sewn, some are machine stitched but each represents hours upon hours of time.

And, on top of the actual picture that is created, there is quilting done to enhance the work itself. It is really quite an art to accomplish.

I am always quite impressed by the compositions of the pieces themselves. Good quilting skills are absolutely necessary to creating a good art quilt but more important is the composition. Without proper placement of the objects themselves the interest would not be there to draw in the viewer. And that takes a special eye to see what works. An artist's eye.


  1. omg....that one is completely awesome...seriously these just blow me away...crazy....

  2. I love the fact that you recognize the energies and creative composition one must nurture just to finish such a work of Art. Thank you for sharing your insights. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. I've always had a fairly good idea of how much work these quilts take. It's amazing really! This one is so beautiful!

  4. I saw a quilted artwork nearly 20 years ago that still lingers in my memory. I think that one would linger also. And when I think of the hours of work involved in transforming an idea into, I can't even imagine that.


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