Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I am always interested in the art that I find at different places. At the Monterey Bay Aquarium, there is a section of art that is created from junk found in the environment. I love the fact that art can become a teaching tool for those who are not aware of environmental issues and it always saddens me when I hear of schools closing down art programs because of lack of funds. To me, art is just as important as mathematics or any other subject that gets "saved". What better way to showcase what is happening in our world than by a piece of art? It draws you in, is investigated, and sometimes there is someone out there that actually learns a thing or two from seeing it and reading the captions. I have written the captions here for you in case you are not able to enlarge the photos and read them for yourself.

"These plastic pieces were found in the stomach of a Laysan albatross chick on Midway Island".

"To The Depths" by Katherine Harvey, 2011
"Katherine Harvey uses waste material on a monumental scale. She creates massive sculptures from items like water bottles, packing material, and egg cartons to highlight the glut of plastic waste in our society. This installation urges us to keep our oceans plastic-free".
"Gyre", 2009
"If you look closely at this photo collage, you'll find toothbrushes, buttons, combs and other plastic items. Inspired by the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and Hokusai's woodcut The Great Wave off Kanagawa, Jordan's image uses 2.4 million pieces of plastic---the number of pounds of plastic estimated to enter the world's oceans every hour."
Close-up of some of the items.
"South African designer Heath Nash fashions lampshades, floor surfaces and other home decor from materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Hiss design line---Other People's Rubbish---creates useful objects, provides jobs for local craftspeople and raises awareness of the environment." 
Milkhandle Ball--2010 by Heath Nash

It seems like there is never a shortage of things to photograph. But I am always pleased when what I am photographing really means something. Artists have taken art off the canvas and incorporated new materials into their work. It is no longer just about painting and sculpture but encompasses every area one can imagine. This art has a personal expression and one that has new meaning and ideas. It allows the artist to make a personal statement by utilizing the best possible means. It is inclusive and conceptual, employing whatever means possible. "All art is experimental or it isn't art." (Gene Youngblood, US film and video critic)


  1. oh wow this is some fascinating the depths is phenomenol...then that next one...i was more impressed when you did the close up...and it was way cool!

  2. These are wonderful, I love this kind of artwork as well. Have you seen the work of Mandy Barker?

    1. Well, at least someone knows what to do with some of the trash that people throw away.
      I pick up a ton of it on our country road everyday. Maybe I will make a piece of art out of what I find.
      This may be an inspirational art movement...

  3. I love the thought that all art is experimental.