Monday, March 26, 2012


APRIL 8, 1948-----MARCH 7, 2012
Ken worked with my husband at the County for many years and retired from the County also. Today words were spoken in Ken's memory, telling stories of what a brilliant man he was, what an incredible father, grandfather, great-grandfather and husband he was, and also of his many talents. He loved wood-working, black powder guns, sailing, fishing, photography, and painting.

His paintings amazed me. These were a couple of copies that were offered to the public of what he had painted. He was self-taught and loved to paint in water-color. One person told the story of him coming to his horse ranch and photographing some of the old buildings on his property and the next time he saw Ken, Ken handed him a completed watercolor of that exact building. His paintings have such a mood to them and you can tell that someone who really was in touch with nature had painted them.

Ken was a loved person that will be greatly missed. We will forever see him in his cowboy hat and boots.

Bill and I were adding up all the people we have lost just since December 15th when my friend Mary passed away. As of today we have counted eight! I'm not sure if it is just our age or if something is happening to people that takes them in groups. I do know this: that if all eight of these people get to where they are going and they all end up in the same place, what an incredible time they will have because each person was spiritual, creative, talented, loving, and giving. It is hard to lose so many wonderful people in such a short amount of time. I've heard it said that the older we get the more we notice our "circle" of friends diminishing. I am grateful that while they were living that I was graced with knowing them. They enriched my life and I'm sure that of so many others too.

Remember Me

Remember me when the sunrise
awakens each new day...
And when a glorious sunset 
takes your breath away.

I'll be right beside you on a 
dark and stormy night...
A whisper in the wind,
A gentle guiding light.


  1. returning your visit
    to find this exquisite poem

    how we carry our beloved ones with us
    and will be carried in return

  2. those are some beautiful pics....i am sorry for the loss of such a gifted person...

  3. What a lovely tribute to a friend. He looks like someone who you would want to know. He looks happy and at peace with himself. We can't ask for more than this when we leave the earth.

  4. wonderful artist....and yes, I think our age has something to do with it...
    so take your vitamins and watch those carbs

  5. Sorry to hear you have lost yet another friend, Teri. I love your friends paintings, they are something beautiful to remember him by.

  6. This was really touching. There was a loss in our extended family yesterday as well. A light that will be missed by those that loved her so. I am sorry for the loss of Ken, for you and those that knew him well. It seems he left so much for you all to hold onto. A very nice tribute to your friend.