Thursday, March 26, 2009


I was inspired this morning by "Secret Notebooks-Wild Pages" comment on finding a heart that someone had drawn on her path to work from the parking lot. The bonus was that someone had drawn one on her ingress and then again on her egress! She will be reminded each and every day to enjoy life and cherish the love that she finds each day.

This is a drawing of three rocks that I have found along the way. I have a "thing" for hearts and have them everywhere. When I walk with my head down to the ground I seem to find heart rocks along the way. I have a huge collection of them now and this grouping that I did with colored pencils is titled "Three Sisters."

Was it John Lennon who sang "All You Need Is Love?" He was right you know. That is all anyone needs in life. That and good health to enjoy it. I am reminded today how lucky I am to have love in my life. I have a great husband, two identical twin girls and their husbands (they married brothers, if you can believe THAT!), and a wonderful (almost four years old) granddaughter. I have other family: a sister, a mother, assorted aunts and uncles, and friends but those closest to me are the ones that I cherish the most. They really touch my heart. They are my best friends in addition to being my love. Without them I think that I would be a hollow shell.

It is good to have a heart on our path every day. It is good to be reminded that we make a difference in someone's life. It is good to know that there are people in the world whom we have never met but yet they hold some of our most precious thoughts and dreams to be true also. It gives you hope that if enough hearts are spread throughout the world that perhaps we can erase the hatred and bigotry that still exists.

Thanks for the reminder M. Heart. I promise to spread the word and keep passing it on. Spread the hearts and share the love. Love is all you need! (Insert music here)


  1. One time I was with Natalie and she had her "princess blanket" draped around her neck. She had it pulled tight under arms as well and she said, "Look auntie, a heart." I looked at her and noticed that she had made a heart shaped out of the blanket draped around her neck and arms and negative space of her chest. Smart girl she is!

  2. Lovely post...thoughts and feelings I needed to read this morning. We do touch one another in wonderful ways...have a great weekend!


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