Saturday, March 28, 2009


There was a time in my life that I actually used to type on these. I did always enjoy the sound of the keys clicking as I typed but I hated it when I made a mistake and had to put a little strip of paper in behind the roller to be able to erase it. It is much easier to use a computer when it comes to making mistakes. You can spell check, hit the delete key, hit the backspace key, all those great things that modern inventions offer to those of us who are willing to make the change.

I still cannot get rid of my typewriters. They are a part of me and give me a touchstone to where I have been and where I have come from. I was prompted to read Jack Kerouac's bio on Wikipedia because of M. Heart's reference to being related to him via marriage (I hope I got that right!). I was amazed to read that at one point when he was taking a cross-country trip he took a bunch of tissue paper, ripped it to the size that would fit into his typewriter, and then taped all the strips together in a huge roll so that he could continually write while he was traveling. Now, that is dedication. And, that is certainly old school.

The computer generation has certainly changed the way that people do things as far as writing or keeping in touch. Wouldn't it be odd to see everyone at Starbuck's with their typewriters and long rolls of paper typing away? Besides being huge and cumbersome, it would just be plain distracting to hear all those keys clanking away while you were trying to enjoy a peaceful cup of tea or coffee.

I wish that my mother wouldn't be so frightened about learning something new. We have tried to give her a computer and show her what to do but she is dead set against learning anything new. If she wants to make reservations on-line she asks her friend to do it for her. If she wants to send a virtual birthday card to her grandson in Wales, she asks her friend to do it for her. At what point do you say to yourself "Enough is enough. I need to move forward in my life and learn new things?" Is it the fact that she is just not curious? There is a wealth of knowledge inside that computer just waiting to grace you with it's presence.

I don't think that I could get by without my computer. I feel that it is an extension of me in some way. It is my outlet and my confession box. I am glad that I was not frightened to learn something new like my mother. Granted, there are still things that I have to say "uncle" to and ask my husband for his help. Some things just don't sink in. But, I am learning more than I ever thought I was capable of. I have learned that the key is to just do it and not be afraid. I used to be afraid that I would lose everything if I did something wrong. Now, I have learned to back everything up and just take the leap.

It is good to be from an old school environment but not live an old school life. I admit, there are certain things that are fun to move away from but yet there are certain things that you want to keep around forever: old cars, typewriters, claw-foot bathtubs, actual books vs. books on a Kindle, some vintage clothing and jewelry, old paintings, and old quilts. Some things you just can't improve upon and they get better with age.

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