Monday, March 23, 2009


When I was working for the county one summer I was lucky enough to go down many country roads each day. I found this great garden shed on some one's property one day and was lucky enough to have my digital camera with me. From that day on, I never left the county yard without my camera. There were just too many good things that I would miss each day if I didn't have it with me.
I learned that summer that there are so many creative people that may or may not want the recognition. Some people just do it because they have an inner desire to create something. They are not doing it for anyone else but themselves. I think that the owner of this shed was really excited when I commented about how wonderful it was and asked him if I could photograph it. I even printed a copy of it and delivered it to him personally later that week. He was happy to have it yet still modest about his creation.
Looking at the blogs that I have been following and being inspired by as of late, I have seen a similar vein running through most of them. I see women and men who are creating because they need to. It is an integral part of their being. They post and talk about what is important to them not to receive recognition per Se but to share their feelings with others. It is their desire to connect with others and find the similarity that we all share. The common bond; the common ground.
I don't have incredible things to say. I am modest about what I create and really have no desire to sell my art or to put things in galleries. Yet, I do feel a need to put my feelings and some of my art on a blog. Somehow it satisfies my creative urge each day and is, in its own way, another form of art and my own creation. I think that is what I like about each of the blogs I find interesting. I get a glimpse of what they are thinking, feeling, doing, and living. It is kind of like people watching at a train station or the airport except more in depth. I can connect without having to connect.
It seems like such a silly thing really, to want to glimpse a part of some one's life that you know nothing about; not where they live, how they live, what kind of car they drive, etc. But, in this age of computers and Twitter and Facebook, isn't that how everyone is keeping in touch? We are connecting in sound bytes, in mega pixels, in video streams. It's a different world out there. It's a different road we travel.


  1. What a fun, fun blog you have here! I'll be back. Thanks!

  2. yes, i think (and post) about this topic quite a bit, this new way to connect. it's fascinating and you've described it so well here.


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