Monday, March 23, 2009


I'm thinking about flying this morning. First, on the news a story about a plane crash in Montana into a cemetery. Next, a visual from an airplane flying over the erupting volcano in Alaska. Lastly, a phone call from our friends in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and what time they will be arriving at the airport this evening after a two week cruise through the Panama Canal.

It seems that my thoughts or feelings seem to come in groups or clusters. I am currently reading "The Secret Life of Bees" and there too, my eyes fall upon a phrase regarding flying. "When a bee flies, a soul will rise." It is explained as an old saying that means "... a person's soul will be reborn into the next life if bees are around." It makes me wonder about the people in my life who I have loved and lost. I hope they had bees around them to transport their souls.

I, personally, have never liked the idea of flying. I have done it out of necessity most often and really never for fun. Next year, however, I turn 60 and there has been discussion of taking a trip to Europe to really celebrate this special year. I am all for "being" there, seeing the countryside, the art, the beautiful scenery however it is the getting there that worries me. Maybe I will have to consider "bee-ing" there "just in case" I need to be transported.

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  1. i don't fly either, but would love to visit japan someday. i've actually looked into how much time and money taking a boat would require (lots of both - i think the trip is 2 weeks each way) i'm so intimidated by the thought of such a long flight. it's probably a mixed blessing that i have no extra money to travel with right now anyway!


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