Thursday, July 23, 2009

I was having a rather boring day. It was not really a BAD day but I just had no motivation after I went for my usual three-mile walk and then came home for breakfast. The afternoon just kind of was dragging on and on and then the mail came! I LOVE THAT MAIL BOX!!! Really I do. When B arrived back home he had a package in his hands and it was addressed to me. I could not believe my eyes! A while back I had been looking at Lynne Hoppe's blog ( and she had posted pictures of these incredible flags that she had made. I could not help myself and asked her if she ever sold any of these because I really felt like I needed one here at my house and was willing to buy one from her. We also talked about my connection to crows and how I feel as though they have been guiding me the last year or so. Her flags are made on muslin and she hangs them in the forests on trees and in the creeks and rivers mounted on framework made of sticks, it looks like.

These are just so wonderful. They are filled with color and wonderful textures. They are made on muslin and one is even backed with copper that has been embossed. She has done such an incredible job on these. I wish you all could see them with your own eyes.

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