Thursday, July 30, 2009

Today, on my way home (my home is over there to the right of the trees) there were all these incredible clouds building up over the Sierras. These clouds have been building up every day, producing thunder and lightning over the Sierras and the Lake Tahoe region. I don't think it's totally visible in this picture or not (maybe if you click and enlarge)but close to the horizon there is a deadly looking dark-gray area that you know is filled with rain and all that stuff we hate to talk about during fire season.

There has been some strange weather going on this summer. I have heard people back east talk about the rains that just seem to keep coming. And this week Oregon and Washington have had some record heat. Unfortunately, most people in those areas that traditionally have lots of rain, are not prepared for the heat. We had friends visiting people in Port Angeles, Washington this week and they didn't know how to handle temperatures in the mid-80's. They don't have air conditioning in most places there because they don't usually need it. But this year: a different story.

We are supposed to cool down this weekend and I'm not sure if these big "thunder bumpers" will go away at the same time or if they are heading east, as they usually do. If you could see past this picture you would see Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and on and on. Eventually, they head to Maine and all points east. Sorry all you bloggers who are possibly experiencing some sun. Hopefully these big clouds will not ruin that for you.

I'd love to have a bit of the rain if it didn't have to be accompanied by the thunder and the lightning. When that hits my neck of the woods you will find me hiding in the closet with my hands over my eyes. All it takes is having your house experience a direct hit and that is the end of the "oh, isn't it beautiful?" attitude. My husband isn't bothered by it at all, even to this date. But me and the dog: we are chickens and hide until it passes. I am crossing my fingers that it stays in the east and doesn't make it presence known here at our home.

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  1. Those clouds look veeeery familiar. We're supposed to have more rain today, then good tomorrow (thank God because I'm having J's family over) and possible rain on Sunday (hoping to go blueberry picking). Last Wednesday the heavy rain I kept tweeting about flooded North Adams, putting several roads and fields underwater and damaging trees. Crazy!


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