Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today I was having a really blah day. I had already done my three-mile walk and had my breakfast and my lunch but the rest of the day was really rather boring. B went down to the mailbox and when he came back, he had a package in his hand that was addressed to me. I glanced at it and recognized the return address and name: Lynne Hoppe of What a surprise! That package literally made my day. The box was decorated with lots of art, stickers, and special sentiments like "Practice Random Kindness". Boy, did she!! I had commented to Lynne once (or maybe twice! :)) about how I just felt like I needed one of her flags here at my house and that I wanted to buy one. She said that she didn't sell them. I told her about my connection to the crow and how I felt that the crow had been guiding me for quite some time. These flags that she has sent me have special crow images on them and they will be going someplace very special in my house. I don't think that I can part with some of them and put them outside but I will try and find a special place. But the special crow one with the copper back: he just might have to go in my bedroom or bathroom where he can continue to watch over me and give his words of wisdom to me.

Look at what I saw when I opened up the package: it is a package filled with love, light, color, and kindness. A true gift!

How will I ever re-pay you, Lynne? This is one of the kindest things that anyone has ever done for me. Yesterday I received a card from the nurses who took care of me in the hospital. I thought THAT was a special day. This really tops it. Maybe the whole week is filled with mystery and love. I just have to look for the small gifts that I have probably been ignoring more often than not. Life is a mystery, isn't it? But, it is filled with the most incredible people. Lynne: when you least expect it something will be in YOUR mailbox! It may take me awhile to find just the right thing but that is what will make it interesting. Crow will guide me, I'm sure of it!! Oh---one other thing: your post office box numbers are my lucky numbers. They have been forever! I don't think I would have expected anything other than that. Truly!


  1. How awesome is that?! I've had some surprise packages from fellow bloggers as well. It's a lovely world out there sometimes (out here?)

  2. What a special treat. Great art. Off to check out her blog.
    You were right about the cone flower, it is Echinacia. I don't know if I can save seeds and have it come true. It may be a hybrid. But we can certainly give it a try.

  3. Lovely. The world is a beautiful place indeed.

  4. What a treasure! I'm sure your day zipped from a blah day to a day of wonder! Life is full of loving surprises!

  5. i am so pleased ! She is so nice!

  6. oh teri! i have a big smile on my face and a lump in my throat!! you don't know how happy it makes me that you liked everything!! you've made *my* day!!

    everything just flowed from crow and me to you... i cut the crow stencil from a photograph -- the first i've cut from a photo, and it worked like a charm. from there we just put his image on lots of stuff, hee! we had a GOOD time doing all of this... it was our pleasure...

    thank you for your kind words... i do hope crow behaves himself. ; )




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