Monday, August 17, 2009


Over the weekend our family went to Lake Tahoe on a camping trip. The weather was so incredible; actually COLD! We needed extra blankets at night, sweat shirts and jackets when we woke up, and we had camp fires at night. There is just nothing like a camp fire. There is something mesmerizing about fire isn't there? The stories that have been told over all those campfires must be incredible. Too bad there was someone with a tape recorder at ever campground fire ring. Oh, the stories one could write. Talk about a reality show!

This photo of the B Squared (that's Bill and Bodhi) is taken on Saturday on our walk through the neighborhood. For years Bill worked at Tahoe every summer as the Tree Crew Supervisor for Placer County. He spent probably 6-8 weeks every summer taking down dead trees all over Tahoe when the weather was good and trees could be cut. During the Winter months only trees that fell down and blocked roads were cut up and the people are like vultures over a meal for the trees. Wood is expensive and when it is cut down on County property, it's a free-for-all.

Anyway, this tree is one that Bill cut down when he was working for the county. He actually had to climb this tree to drop it and it was probably 140 feet tall. He has no fear of heights like I do. I guess you couldn't be a tree-trimmer if you did! So, while we were on our walk he pointed it out and my sister and I each took a shot with our cameras. A couple drove by and said out their window "what a great Christmas card". So...Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Perfect. That is a great Xmas card. I love the B squared. So sweet.

  2. i cant find where else to comment except on your last post ... i love this... GARDENER * WIFE * FOLLOWER OF WABI SABI PHILOSOPHY ... wabi sabi is a great way of being ... its something that is sought in poetry, art and philosophy as i think you would know ...

    thank you for finding me.... so i could find you >>> Gina

  3. B Squared, lol. I love it.
    We're having a heat wave! No campfires or blankets necessary, and I'm so glad.


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